"Wa-Pop" - This is a key concept representing TOMOCA Project.
Let us offer you our unique and new style songs with a harmony of Japanese("Wa") instruments
and other musical instruments under the name of "Wa-Pop"
so that you can find out a real fascination of the Japanese instruments.
We'll present our original numbers and some well-known songs in our own arrangement.

The Japanese instruments, usually played at concerts in instrumental and traditional way,
have an image that only a limited number of people can appreciate it.

"Wa-Pop", on the other hand, is a music for everybody.
We hope you enjoy the live sounds of the Japanese instruments through "Wa-Pop" we create.

"Wa-Pop" is also a collaboration of the Japanese and modern Western instruments with
an effective use of electronic sounds.
The sound of the Japanese("Wa") instruments with a taste of modern music("Pop")
- this is the spirit of "Wa-Pop".

The spirit will be adopted to the stage costumes for TOMOCA and her band members.
And in the future, we'll show you this "Wa-Pop" concept in her visual works too
- the stage settings, fliers, brochures, etc.

Let's dig out the new possibility of music together and you'll surelly love it!